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Grassroots   Soccer

will be served by the HSClub until May 31, 2020.   Then it’s going out of business.   Please see the schedule in the News Room, or scroll down to the Events section for details.

 The HSClub is dedicated to soccer in a convival atmosphere.

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 Check the Schedule, your email, or twitter for cancellations or scheduling changes.

 Twitter is @HaliburtonFooty .

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 Coaches, volunteers, parents, players and your volunteer executive are what makes soccer thrive. Thanks everyone!

 Your suggestions? Our’s is please get involved. Many hands are crucial.


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Grassroots soccer in Haliburton is changing.

The HSClub is going out of service. It’s folding up permanently after 11:59 pm on May 31, 2020.

Everyone who has paid for the 2020-2021 season will automatically have their money returned by Interac refunds over the next few weeks.

Please email Tom if you paid via the drop box. There were no drop box payments the last time Andrea was able to check inside Dysart’s office.

With luck and hard work two new autonomous and simplified groups might serve Haliburton village soccer going forward: a semi-informal adult group and a structured youth group. COVID-19 wasn’t the cause of the long overdue change. It was the catalyst and will have disproportionate influence over the formation of the new adult and youth groups; so please be patient.

It has been our great pleasure to serve and befriend Haliburton’s large group of local and visiting soccer enthusiasts over so many years. Thanks for all the fond memories and support!

In normal times Outdoor is on the Brohman at the high school in Haliburton beside the plane and the train.

Adult outdoor is never cancelled for weather. Make a decision to come into town, or not. Creatively and safely adapt if you come.

Everybody helps set up and put away. Avoid breaking something – ask for instructions!

Please return your loaned jersey.

In normal times Youth kickoff is 6:15 pm every Thursday in July and August on all the Haliburton village school complex fields – weather permitting.

Please bring your old T shirts and donate them back to build our fee saving inventory. Washed please.

HSClub coaches are unpaid volunteers. Be nice to them. Please help them discretely.

Headers are not allowed in ages 4 to 9 and only slow moving balls may be headed in the rest. We encourage everyone, including adults, to let fast moving balls go by. Concussions can alter your life.

The NEWSROOM page has support material for coaches. Thanks Terrance! The first priority is to have fun. Persevere if things get difficult. Be creative to reclaim the fun!

Every time we hear thunder or see lightning everyone must leave the field and go to a safe place for 30 minutes. The 30 minutes start all over again at each new thunder clap or lightning flash. Cars are safe places. Convertibles aren’t when there are violent winds and might not protect against lightning.

No slid tackles, ever. Call all your headers and everyone else backs off. Do not head high energy balls. Let them go by.

Indoor walls are dangerous to necks, spines and heads. Let players go within 2 metres of walls. Don’t trip them.

Drive carefully and slowly. Unpredictable, excited, young soccer players may dart into your path.

In normal times, Indoor is most Thursdays at 6:45 pm from the first October Thursday to early May.

There’s no indoor when the buses are cancelled, nor when the gym is closed for holidays or preempted for school functions.

If you are under 18 ask us to assess you for safety. Register online before coming.