Haliburton Soccer Club 

2019 was a fine year to modernize our website. The new URL is here, at https://haliburtonsoccerclub.com.

Thanks for your patience as we smooth access to important links. Switching our site to Siteground Hosting was a pleasure.

If you logged into halsoccer.org you are here. That old site died.



There are a few spaces in age groups 10-12 & 13+. Lots of space in adult. Lightning cancellations appear here 5 pm Thursdays, also in your email and are tweeted via @HaliburtonFooty. July 18th is picture day.

Community soccer thrives and survives because parents drive their children, because great people coach, and because of selfless volunteers and executives. Thanks everyone!

Many hours of preparation  culminate in the four season’s programs. Most is conducted behind a “curtain”. The work you think we do – multiply it by ten!

The executive strives to do our best and we can always do better. Let us know how we’re doing! Send your input and suggestions! 

And while you’re there? Consider joining the executive. Input is wonderful, but many hands are fundamental and crucial to the club’s success.

About Haliburton Soccer

We are a not for profit club, dedicated to fair play in a convivial and fun atmosphere. We always appreciate help!

Bookmark this website for online registration, forms, news, scheduling changes and thunderstorm cancellations. Cancellations appear at 5 pm on Thursdays – so please check the homepage, your email, and twitter (@HaliburtonFooty) before you leave for the pitch.

Sports don’t build character, they reveal it.” John Wooden & Haywood Hale Broun

Games, Events, Safety (click)

Youth “kickoff” is 6:15 pm every Thursday in July and August on all the Haliburton village school complex fields – weather permitting. July 18th is Picture Day.

Please bring your old T shirts and donate them back to build our inventory. Washed please.

Adult team play is outdoors at 7:30 p.m. on every Thursday in July and August, after youth soccer. July 18th is Picture Day.

  • Outdoor is on the Brohman at the high school in Haliburton, beside the plane and the train. The Brohman is a rough field; so be aware where the ruts and moguls are.
  • Adult outdoor is never cancelled for weather. Adults have to make their own decision to come into town or not. Light rain can be the perfect condition to play in – cool – no bugs.
  • Everybody helps set up and put away.


There are a few youth spots available in the older age groups. No shows may create some more.

Adult has lots of room.

Picture Day with Jen, Sharon & Robin is July 18th. They take amazing pictures.


Our coaches are all unpaid volunteers. Be nice to them. Please help them discretely.

Headers are not allowed in ages 4 to 9 and only slow moving balls may be headed in the rest. We encourage everyone, including adults, to let fast moving balls go by. Concussions can alter your life.

There is a lot of support material for our coaches on the NEWSROOM page thanks to Terrance. Check it out. The first priority is to have fun. Without it everything else is difficult.

Every time we hear thunder or see lightning everyone must leave the field and go to a safe place for 30 minutes. The 30 minutes starts all over again at each new thunder clap or lightning flash. Cars are safe places if they are not convertibles and if there are no violent winds.

No slid tackles, ever. Call all your headers and everyone else backs off. Do not head high energy balls. Let them go by.

Drive carefully and slowly. Young soccer players could dart into your path. They are unpredictable and exited.


We Always Appreciate Help!

Please volunteer as an assistant, vacation relief or head coach, or executive. It is a lot of fun. Volunteers get one free registration. Coaches also get an honorarium ($60 in 2018) from any surplus funds of our non profit club.