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Please use the contacts below for any soccer questions.

Announcements: There are a few spaces in ages 8 to 13+. Lots of space in adult. … The NEWSROOM page has great support material for our coaches.

Youth Help

Andrea Mueller

705-457-1740 ext 635


Andrew Brown

Adult Help

Chris Carere

Tom Thurley


3 + 15 =

Terry Gavan – Web and Design



Fees & Important Dates

Please pay and register well before April 30th.

Innocent newcomers to Haliburton County often find us after April 30th. They may sign up late, when we have space, without paying the after April 30th fee double.

YOUTH    $25
  • July-Aug $35
  • Oct-Apr $25
  • May, June, Sept $15
  • any 2 or 3 formats
Regular Registration
  • Feb 1 – April 30
  • published fees
Late Registration
  • May 1 – Jan 31
  • fees are doubled
  • new member? fee double exempt


Rules, Equipment & Times

Youths get to keep a free team T shirt. Donate grown out of ones back please. Makes sense.

Shin guards are optional in ages 4 to 7; but recommended. Mandatory, with socks over top, for everybody else. Never wear jewelry, watches, rings or similar during soccer – make injuries worse.

Parents must stay on site for ages 4 to 9. Coordinate with other parents or grandparents if you have children playing on different fields. 

July – Aug adults are loaned a jersey. Bring your own white and dark top for all other adult soccer. Shin guards with soccer socks are mandatory. Cleats are recommended – no metal studs. Slide tackles are never allowed. No jewelery.

The HSClub supplies all balls, nets , cones, etc. Bring lots of your own water.

We have a used equipment exchange box. Put in and take out as your soccer life changes.

Concussions are problematic; so headers are not allowed in age groups 4 to 9. Only slow moving balls may be headed in the other youth groups. Adult and youth players call their headers and everybody else backs off. We firmly recommend everyone let fast moving, high energy balls go by their head.


See lightning?  Hear thunder?  Leave the fields immediately.  Go to a safe place for 30 minutes. The 30 minutes start over with EVERY new lightning sighting or new thunder clap!


  • weather permitting for outdoor
  • no indoor on school holidays or closures


Indoor:  6:30 pm
Youth:  6:15 pm
July-Aug Adult:  7:30 pm
May, June, Sept Adult:  6:00 pm


We Always Appeciate Help!

Please volunteer as an assistant, vacation relief, or head coach, or executive. It is a lot of fun. Volunteers get one free registration. Coaches also get an honorarium ($60 in 2018) from any surplus funds of our non profit club.