We are a not for profit club, dedicated to fair play in a convivial and fun atmosphere. Help is always appreciated!

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Cancellations appear at 5 p.m. on game days. Please check the homepage, your email and twitter (@HaliburtonFooty) before you leave for the pitch.

Sports don’t build character, they reveal it.” John Wooden & Haywood Hale Broun

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Our Mission & Vision

We provide fun soccer as safely as possible for all our players regardless of race, gender or economic circumstance. We are dedicated to providing coaching, fair play and a basic background of the world’s most popular game so you’ll have fond memories and give back when you can.

Philosophy & Style of Play

Providing fun and fitness for anyone that wants to experience the joy of soccer is our mantra. We rely on many polite hands to make light work, and on many observing eyes. Style of play is  polite, safety aware and adaptable. The HSClub keeps improving the product while maintaining a bargain price.

Our Facilities and Fields

The Brohman is at the Haliburton High School beside the plane and the train. It’s the main adult venue, with an amazing view of Head Lake. Our oldest youth groups play on the Brohman an hour before the adults.

The Field Hockey pitch is a few hundred metres further inland from Head Lake past the Brohman, at the Haliburton High School. Adults and intermediate aged youths enjoy its lush and forgiving surface. Beside a nourishing wetland, the grass is shaded from the sweltering heat of summer.  Walk past the Brohman, past the basketball court, turn left down the pathway.

The field at J. Douglas Hodgson and Stuart Baker elementary schools is our furthest inland from Head Lake. The Haliburton Hospital and Haliburton Medical Center are across the road. Our youngest players navigate this multi use field’s moguls. All schools have adjoining parking lots.

The Fish Hatchery pitch is a few kilometres outside of Haliburton Village at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association’s facilities. Our storage shed is there. We sometimes use the Fish Hatchery pitch for our youngest age groups or overflow.

Storage is always a challenge for us. We’ve outgrown our Fish Hatchery shed. Some of our equipment is stored at members’ homes and at Dysart’s facilities. We’re lucky to use the shed at the Brohman every summer. We drop a storage container at JDH/SBES during July and August.

Our Soccer Teams & Programs

Coed Youth

The 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 and 13+ groups play every Thursday evening in July and August – weather permitting.

Coed Teenage

A gap in our programs means youths entering grade 10 or higher may play adult soccer after we assess them.

Adult Outdoor Coed

is every Thursday evening from early May to late September – weather permitting. July and August is set team 6 on 6.

Adult Indoor Coed

is every Thursday evening from early October to the end of April –  except on school holidays or closures.

Over 17?

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You  may register yourself for any of our adult programs by clicking here. You’ll be redirected to our secure Google form.

Under 18?

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Coaches are our heroes. Please volunteer by clicking here. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian has to do this.

Club History

The Haliburton Soccer Club has been operational since approximately 2000, the year we put down the sod at the Fish Hatchery pitch. We’ve had many wonderful adventures since then and owe a mountain of gratitude to the many amazing volunteers who guided this group tour! Thanks everyone!



299 Players 25 Coaches


272 Players 25 Coaches



243 Players 33 Coaches


230 Players 33 Coaches